Olivia Holmes
Worry originated from a recurring dream I have in which my teeth slowly become looser until they are completely dislodged. This recurring dream caused me to actively worry about my teeth and I found myself asking what if the things I worry about, happen.
This project documents my worries and gets those images out of my head. It began with photographs of psychological anxieties and grew to include representations of possible accidents and physical violence. The project gives the audience a visual representation of certain fears and worries for them to confront.
The full framed images present themselves as film stills, exactly as I experience them in passing thoughts. The cropped images are the pieces of those scenes that stick with me and they are the ones I tend to focus on even after the original thoughts have passed. The cropped photographs create a space for the viewer to put themselves in the scene and experience what is being depicted without the availability of an escape. This series is a huge ‘what if?’, even when most of the worries depicted can happen at any point. It brings to life my worries and prompted the realization that other people worry about these things. Making the series also made me realize that I have the capability of creating art from the things that people fear.

Untitled 1, B&W Film 
Gallery Installation 
Untitled 2, B&W Film
Untitled 3, B&W Film
Untitled 4, B&W Film
Untitled 5, DLSR
Untitled 6, DLSR
Untitled 7, DLSR
Untitled 8, DSLR
Untitled 9, DSLR
Gallery Installation
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