Maggie Noble
Hi there! I’m Maggie, a recent Visual Communications graduate from KU. I’m Midwest born and raised, but love getting out to see as much of the world as possible. I love being curious and solving problems. Taking a project from research and data to then creating a beautiful solution is one of my favorite feelings. I’ve learned a lot in the past 4 years, and am excited to see what’s next. Thanks for checking out my work!
Death Valley TAQUERIA
Prompted to brand a fast food restaurant with the attributes west coast, whimsical, and old school, Death Valley Taqueria was created. DVT prides themselves on serving the hottest food in the west. Brand elements draw inspiration from the heat of Death Valley, as well as West Coast traditional tattoo style and imagery. 
Lampton Welding Supply Co. has been providing service since WW2. The new look takes inspiration from the American traditions of welding. Lampton’s new identity utilizes simple welding patterns, strong typography, and a flexible grid to create a visually interesting system.
Finding a good, healthy skincare routine can be confusing, especially for a young teenager. The name “BLINK” speaks to how quick, easy, and nonthreatening skincare can be. Soft colors and simple shapes are used to reinforce approachability.
A visual response to the First Things First Manifest (1964), this zine uses pacing and callouts to prompt the user to ask themselves why they want to design and how their work will impact the world around them.
Research shows that cryptozoology often acts as a “gateway science” and often leads to people pursuing different categories of science later on. The American Cryptid Coalition is a super exclusive group of cryptozoology enthusiasts that also want to save the environment. Once you’re in, you receive collateral that couples climate change and cryptozoology that you can study or share with your fellow confidants.
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